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Mig Cigs SR 72 Aspire Dual Bottom Coil Kit

Mig Cigs SR 72 Aspire 1300 – Ego Style Battery E Cig

If you are looking for an awesome ego style battery with a powerful huge vapor hit then help us welcome the latest addition to the powerful Mig Cigs family, the SR … [Read More...]

Featured Product

Mig Cigs Clear Fusion Tank

Mig Cigs 21 Clear Fusion Kit – The Power of an Ego in a Pen Style

Our most popular kit is exclusively brought to you by Mig Cigs. With this stylish, sleek tank System you will find the power of an Ego in a pen style. Why do our … [Read More...]

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Quick Places Where We Can Vape Now

Electronic cigarettes have changed the name of the game when it comes to getting your nicotine fix. Without the traditional smell of standard cigarettes, one would assume that you can vape anywhere. But is that really the case? Below are a list of places … [Read More...]


Is Vaping a True Culture?

In 2013, sales of e-cigarettes nearly eclipsed the $2 billion mark as users looking for their nicotine fix without the dangers of carcinogens caused by combustion found them to be a breath of fresh(er) air. With numerous websites devoted to connecting … [Read More...]


Debunking Different Myths of Vaping

The use of electronic cigarettes has been growing substantially in recent years as a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The use of e-cigarettes is also known as vaping since e-cigarettes work by using water vapor instead of … [Read More...]


Mig Cigs Named Best E-Cigarette of 2014

  Why Mig Cigs was voted best e-cig for 2014! When you are considering switching to e-cigarettes from standard cigarettes for the first time it's very important that you start with an electronic cigarette that is going to give you the best vaping … [Read More...]

Mig Cigs Web Art 1300 VV Twist

Powerful New Mig Cigs Ego Battery With An Adjustable Vapor Voltage – Select Your Power!

Mig Cigs proudly brings you our most powerful battery ever....just for Aspire SR-72 Tank users only. It's called the Mig Cigs 1300 Xtreme Battery and it can output to a powerhouse high 4.8 volts or with just a twist you can adjust the voltage to a lower 3.8. … [Read More...]

mig cigs auto battery

Mig Cigs Now Has Automatic Batteries

For those of you who prefer an automatic ecig battery over a manual button style, here it is! We know that some customers just prefer an automatic style and we've created our first automatic battery with a shorter style with 280 mah and a powerful 4.2 volts … [Read More...]

stop smoking-140x140

Free Savings Calculator

One of the nicest benefits from switching to e-cigs is how much money you can save over buying standard cigarettes. So, we decided to create an "I Quit Smoking" counter to help you celebrate leaving the old disgusting habit of analog cigarettes behind. It's … [Read More...]


Mig Cigs – New Cartridge Flavors!

We are excited to announce that we have 2 new fresh flavors in our refillable e-cig cartridges. There may be all kinds of vapers who go for the latest and greatest tanks etc., but there will always be a place for the traditional e-cig style. And what better … [Read More...]