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Mig Cigs SR 72 Aspire Dual Bottom Coil Kit

Mig Cigs SR 72 Aspire 1300 – Ego Style Battery E Cig

If you are looking for an awesome ego style battery with a powerful huge vapor hit then help us welcome the latest addition to the powerful Mig Cigs family, the SR … [Read More...]

Featured Product


The Differences Between E-Liquids and Cartridges

E-liquids/e-juices and cartridges are both used for electronic cigarettes. When deciding which one you want, it’s important to get familiar with both products … [Read More...]

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The New Vaping Culture Grows Larger Everyday

In today's age, millennials have begun to participate in the use of vaping, as opposed to the traditional practice of buying cigarettes at any local retail establishment. While the product itself is still quite new, the invention of the electronic cigarette … [Read More...]

Making the Switch

Making the Mig Cigs Switch

If you or someone you know has stumbled onto our site, or gotten a shared Facebook Post from a friend of yours who’s using our products, perhaps you or they might be interested in making the switch. That's right, switching from traditional, harmful tobacco … [Read More...]


A Vaping Opinion from Howard Stern

Last July on the Howard Stern show, the always controversial, yet most recognizable man in radio made his stance against electronic cigarettes: … [Read More...]


The Hollywood Vaping Scene

On occasion, you’ll see movies with people smoking. However, we’ll save that for another article. For this one, our focus is on this simple question: Are there famous vapers out there? Or any movies or television series that feature vaping? The answer's slowly … [Read More...]



As we've seen countless times now, the nicotine addictions that occur mostly start at a young age. There are findings published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that suggest that a majority of students in middle school and high school who use … [Read More...]


Hand and Hand: Politicians and Tobacco Dollars

Looking at the vaping sector over the course of the last 10 years or so, there are few industries out there that have shown true growth as seen in this one. In the beginning, the vaping industry was seen as more of a non-traditional niche market at the … [Read More...]



When I stop and reflect, as over the course of time that I've written many different vaping articles and have talked about them with co-workers, friends and family, is that there's a large portion of people out there who still don’t know what they are and how … [Read More...]


Electronic Cigarettes and the FDA

Electronic cigarettes are nicotine delivery devices. They are more or less similar in nature and use to other products already out in the market approved by the FDA. Some of these are nicotine patches and gums. Electronic cigarettes are supposed to replace the … [Read More...]